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Become a certified pet groomer!

  • NYIPG Learn from the comfort of your home
  • NYIPG Work through expert-led lessons at your own pace
  • NYIPG Join a community of professional groomers
Two groomers trimming a dog.

Why pet grooming?

90 million households in the US have pets, according to the AAPA.

66,200 job openings for animal care and service workers are projected each year, on average, over the next decade.

$9.7 billion is estimated to be spent on non-vet services for pets, including grooming, in 2021, according to AAPA.

Pick the path that fits your career goals.

We offer innovative learning and development programs grounded in the belief that the health, welfare, and safety of the animals is our primary concern. Our courses are all a hybrid learning model, including video and written instruction and testing, and in-person evaluations.

Assistant Pet Groomer

300 hour course

Assistant groomers work in salons or for Master Groomers, assisting and preparing the animals for the master groomer, including bathing, cutting, and shaving the animals. Make $40K+ a year as an Assistant Pet Groomer. Includes video and practical instruction.

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Master Pet Groomer

600 Hour Course

Master groomers can run their own grooming businesses or work within existing salons, manage clientele, and complete all aspects of grooming large, medium and small pets. Make $70k+ a year as a Master Pet Groomer. Includes video and practical instruction.

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Continuing Education

Monthly Subscription

If you are already a pet groomer, increase your knowledge and pricing by viewing our exclusive weekly video content, live events and webinars, and access to a network of expert and professional pet groomers.

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What makes NYIPG different from other programs

  • NYIPG Learn from the best instructors and experts in the industry.
  • NYIPG Earn a top-rated certification that will qualify you to work at any salon.
  • NYIPG Gain real-world knowledge on how to start your own business.

Members gain access to a community 
of expert and professional pet groomers.

Two pet groomers grooming dogs in a pet salon.