Master Pet Groomer course

  • NYIPG 600 hours of video and quiz content
  • NYIPG Live workshops and testing of skills
  • NYIPG In-person externship after online course

Why become a Master Pet Groomer?

Master pet groomers are in high demand as the groom industry continues to see a large post-pandemic boom. They can run their own grooming businesses or work within existing salons, manage clientele, and complete all aspects of grooming large, medium and small pets. Masters can make $70,000+ per year.

Course details

The Master Groomer course includes 600 hours of virtual and in-person learning, led by the industries' best experts.

  • Customer Intake
  • Customer/business management
  • The tools
  • Proper sanitation
  • Combing and Brushing
  • Bathing and drying
  • Professional styling
  • Identifying styles

What's included

  • 500 hours of live and recorded video content
  • Full access to our community of grommers and live events
  • Full access to monthly subscription content
  • Discounts on all grooming products
Enroll to Be a Master Groomer

Curriculum Overview

1. Grooming Health & Safety (38 hours)

2. Handling & Control (38 hours)

3. Grooming Equipment & Maintenance (38 hours)

4. Intake & Assessment (38 hours)

5. Ear Care (38 hours)

6. Eye Care (38 hours)

7. Wrinkles, Whiskers, Mouth & Teeth (38 hours)

8. Cleaning the Pads and Feet (38 hours)

9. Nail Trimming (38 hours)

10. Cleaning the Anal & Stomach Areas (38 hours)

11. Caring for the Animals Coat (38 hours)

12. Bathing & Drying (38 hours)

13. Styling and Finishing (38 hours)

14. Externship (100 hours)

Program length

The Master Pet Groomer Program should be complete within 30 weeks or approximately 6 months. However, you set your own pace, so you may complete the program quicker.

There is a grace period of up to 45 weeks for completion if a leave of absence has been approved by NYIPG.


Tuition: $8, 400 Non-Refundable
Registration Fee:
Books & Supplies: $1,600
Total Payment: $10,100

*Tuition is non-refundable

** Books and supplies paid upon approval for admission and tuition being paid in full on or before start date.


  • How can I become a professional pet groomer?

    You need to complete and pass the Master Pet Grooming or Assistant Pet Grooming Course online first and then complete an in-person externship at one of our approved facilities.

  • Do you have a payment plan?

    Not at this time, but coming soon, we will offer installment plans to pay for your tuition over multiple payments. 

  • How flexible are your class schedules?

    Our hybrid model allows you to learn at your own pace. We do have set hours and schedules for our hands-on, in-person training. Full-time day classes, part-time evening and weekend classes are available. 

  • Is pet grooming a lucrative industry?

    Yes, there are many opportunities within the pet grooming industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Pet Grooming industry is growing faster than the economy by 11%.

  • Will I be able to work as a groomer after I complete the course?

    Yes! Each salon, whether privately owned or corporate, will have its own policies in place regarding new-hires to asses your skills skills. However, groomers are in high demand, so finding a job after graduation is easy.

  • Do you offer job placement assistance?

    Yes! We have grooming salon managers contacting us regularly to hire our graduates, so we can assist you in finding a job both in-state or out-of-state.

  • How long are the courses?

    Our Assistant Pet Groomer course is 300 hours and our Master Pet Groomer is 600 hours of video and written curriculum, testing, and your in-person externship.